“Gabrielle and Shemeka were very professional, sending both myself and my supervisor an outline of their presentation, arriving early to set up, and providing great examples and exercises for the teen students.  I appreciate them speaking to the students in a candid manner and breaking things down for us non-sex educators (the students and myself).  The rapport Gabrielle and Shemeka built with the students did not go unnoticed.  I plan to invite them back to the school for another sexual health program in the near future.  I would recommend these two awesome sex educators to anyone seeking knowledge and growth when it comes to sexual health and education.”

-Leah Pompey, Student Life Instructor, NC School of Science and Math (NCSSM)

“I appreciated the insight on safe sex in a way that didn’t demonize sex but educated us and didn’t use fear tactics.”

-NCSSM Student, Class of 2017

“I liked how they acknowledged the fact that teenagers have sex so they promoted safe sex and abstinence rather than abstinence only .”

 -NCSSM Student, Class of 2017

What did you learn from our presentation?

There are many ways to be inclusive & intentional in decreasing and projecting positive images of women (people) of color in sexual health.

There needs to be more sex-positive research regarding women in general to include but not limited to all women of color.

We need to listen to the minority populations we serve and do something that addresses their needs.

-SHIFTNC, 2017 Adolescent Sexual Health Conference participants