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“Hey Husband, I’m Queer!”

It’s an early spring evening and I’m sitting on a bar stool while my husband is cutting my hair. My palms are sweaty: so are my armpits, my back, and ankles. I sweat when I’m nervous. I had been preparing for this conversation for weeks. “How should I tell him?” “Hey Husband, I’m Queer!” “Guess… Continue reading “Hey Husband, I’m Queer!”

Guest Blog

How Watching Real World Sex Shapes Me

It’s easy to take for granted the modern omnipresence of pornography. If you’re like me, you grew up with the Internet and never knew the difference. For a long time, porn was the only type of sexual content one could view on video. Most of us think of porn as being synonymous with “on-screen sex."… Continue reading How Watching Real World Sex Shapes Me


Educating Future Native Leaders

This year the North Carolina Native American Youth Organization (NCNAYO) celebrated their 39th annual conference.  This conference is held every year on a different college campus within North Carolina for Native high school students from across the state.  About 10 years ago I had the privilege to attend NCNAYO for the first time and last… Continue reading Educating Future Native Leaders

Guest Blog

Reproductive Rights and Justice: Who Gets Left Out of the Conversation

Growing up in a hyper-religious family in the Midwest lent itself to easily identifying as “pro-life”. One of the ten commandments included not murdering others and denying a person the right to life was easily seen as murder. However, as I lived in a fairly liberal town for the majority of my life and became… Continue reading Reproductive Rights and Justice: Who Gets Left Out of the Conversation