9 Sex Myths from the 90’s

As sexuality educators, we hear ALL kinds of things. Today we’d like to focus on some myths that we’ve heard over time.

  1. If you wear red lipstick, nail polish, or a red dress to church you’re a whore.
hit the woah freaking out GIF

2. You can use vaseline and baby oil as a lubricant when you wear condoms.

3. If you have sex with old men, you’ll get worms.

couple dancing GIF

4. If you swallow [semen], you will get pregnant.

5. You can’t get pregnant:

  • if you have sex on your period
  • the first time you have sex
  • if you have sex in water (shower, bath/hot tub)
  • if you have sex standing up
GIF beyonce drunk in love surfboard - animated GIF on GIFER - by Kalsa

6. You can get STIs from sitting on a public toilet seat.

7. Yellow 5 (an ingredient in Mt. Dew) will make you have a small penis.

mountain dew drinking GIF by USL

8. You will walk bowlegged after having sex for the first time.

9. If your cherry doesn’t pop/you don’t bleed after [the first time] having sex, then you’re still a virgin.

cherries satisfying GIF

What are some myths that you’ve heard in regard to sexual health?

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