Jesus Saves Lives and So Does Sex Ed

Yes, you read that right…we’re about to discuss sex and Jesus.  Two things that aren’t “supposed” to go together at all.  Earlier this year I was asked to teach sexuality education in a church. Not  just any church, this was my home church. The church that I’ve spent the last 24 years of my life in. To say I was nervous, is an understatement.

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Fast forward to the day of the event…This is it.  This is the moment I’ve been nervously and anxiously been preparing for.  We decided to split the teens by sex so that no one felt too uncomfortable around the opposite sex.  First up was the group of boys and they were AMAZING.  This was my first time teaching to just a group of boys and they knew way more than I expected them to! Kudos to those who had previously educated them on various methods of contraception! Let’s also point out that my 66 year old grandpa sat in on this session because he “wanted to see what I had been learning during my 6 years of college.” Gotta love papa!

Next up was the girls’ group.  Once I kicked the adult women out of the session, the girls opened up so much! They too knew quite a bit and also had great questions.  Such questions included the effectiveness of birth control when alcohol is consumed and the difference between abstinence and celibacy.  As you can tell by now, my experience of teaching sex ed in a faith community was incredible!

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I say all of this to say that while the Bible says that sex before marriage is a sin, it is also important to be realistic and have important conversations like these with younger generations.  As adults we must provide them with the knowledge of all of their options, potential outcomes, and trust them to make the right decisions for themselves.  It is important for young people to know that regardless of what they decide, that there is a trusted adult that they can talk to and come to with questions.

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