Lube Is Your Friend

Rihanna once said, “And it’s always wet, a bi**h never ever had to use lip gloss on it.” What’s wrong with lipgloss RiRi? Lube is your friend. Let me tell you why. 

  1. Lube makes sex 1000X more pleasurable. 
  2. Although women have natural vaginal lubrication the amount of lubrication may vary during sex.
  3. Lube keeps condoms from drying out during sex. 
  4. There are three types of lube and vaseline is not one of them.  There are water-based, silicone-based and oil-based lubes. 
  5. Never use vaseline as a substitute for lube. Vaseline will break down the condom and cause it to rip.
  6. Water-based lubes are the most common type of lube, but silicone-based lubes last longer.
  7. There are also cream-based and powder-based lubes which are typically used for sex with bigger toys or objects.
  8. After menopause vaginal dryness increases, so lube can help make sex pleasurable again!
  9. Some people bring their own lube to their pap smears. Which is actually a good idea once you find the one you love. 
  10. A well-lubricated penis enhances the pleasure for all partners, so lube it up!
  11. There are hypoallergenic lubes! Which is great for peeps with sensitive skin or those that are prone to bacterial infections. 
  12. Lube can make sex last longer by helping people with a penis sustain an erection. 
  13. Lube reduces the likelihood of tissue damage for all partners.
  14. There are arousal lubes that create a warming sensation to add a little spice to the sexual experience, but do not use more than a pea-sized amount. I REPEAT! ONLY USE A PEA SIZED AMOUNT! Better yet, just read the instructions. 
  15. 15. There are travel size packages of lube so you don’t have to buy the entire bottle and you can try different flavors and types. 

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ASTROGLIDE AND UBERLUBE for sponsoring us and providing us with free samples.  Need Lube? Contact us.


2 thoughts on “Lube Is Your Friend”

  1. This is great! I just recently found a live I love and never thought about taking it to my doctors for my pap! I will be doing that next year!!

    And I totally agree with the PEA SIZE recommendation… I wish my 20year old self read this and she could have avoided awkward situations!

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