10 Things You Should Know About Sexuality Educators

  1. Teaching sexuality education does not make us nymphomaniacs, so stop hypersexualizing us
  2. Going through TSA can be one of the most anxiety filled events especially when you are traveling with lube, condoms and teaching toys.giphy.gif
  3. We know more about our family and friends’ sex life than we ever wanted to know.
  4. We become every parents sex talk guru.  You do not know how many times I have heard “when my kid ask me about sex I’m going to tell them to talk to Aunt Meka”.  That’s great and all but I believe it is just as important to teach parents how to be askable parents.  So brace yourself friends you are giving the talk.
  5. Sexuality does not equal SEX.  These words are not interchangeable. Google it!
  6. The infamous Blue Waffles image has been brought up EVERY SINGLE TIME I have taught sex education to middle and high schoolers.  Scare tactics do not work.  Showing children pictures of extreme cases of STIs only makes them feel invincible. Most students believe that if their genitals do not look like these worst case scenario they are fine. We should be encouraging them to get tested, talk to their partner, and teach them that most STIs are asymptomatic.      southparkgif.gif
  7. Sexuality educators have a magical goodie box, closet, office, or drawer that we like to show to our friends.
  8. Normal conversations can often turn sexual, but not on purpose. That’s just how our brains work.

9. We love seeing people blossom and have revelations during our programs. Nothing feels better than providing a safe space for someone to explore and talk about topics that were taboo during their childhood.



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