Keeping It 💯

orh5jiynate-matheus-ferreroAs we all know, communication is key in life. A lot of people have no problem saying what’s on their mind…except when it comes to sex.  Even in today’s world, people seem to completely shut down when it’s time to discuss this taboo topic, but if we are consensually participating in the act, then we also need to talk about it. Did you know that according to the American Sexual Health Association that more than half of all people will have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) at some point in their life? Most people who become infected have no idea that they were infected themselves and/or had no idea that their partner(s) was infected.  These reasons, among many others, are why it is imperative to know your status and disclose such information with your partner(s).  If you are infected with an STI, I’m sure that sharing that information is much easier said than done, but that’s why I am here to help!

First, I want to say that acquiring an STI is not a death sentence, even if it is incurable – there are TONS of treatment available to help you continue to live your life as normal.  

There are a million and one reasons why people may not want to inform their partner(s) as to why they have an STI: anger/payback, it was a one time thing, etc. But it is important for everyone involved to be informed so that they can also get tested and prevent further spreading of the infection.  But how do I work up the nerve to even have this conversation, esp if this is an incurable STI?

No matter how much you prepare yourself for this moment, it may not always go as planned.  It is best to have this conversation privately for the sake of everyone involved. It may even come down to the point of it being blurted out, but the point is that it came out and you can breathe a little now.  If you have received treatment, provide your partner(s) with that information, as well as how you plan to prevent the same thing from happening again, and how you plan to manage the STI, if it is incurable.  Even if things don’t necessarily go as expected, always remember that you did your part by informing everyone involved.


Click here for more information on local testing sites.

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